Spring Caprese Appetizer with a Twist

It's fun to change out different components of a caprese apperizer to create something just a bit different.
This time we used golden beets in addition to tomato and swapped out arugula for fresh basil.

Hibiscus Lychee Caprese2-edited.jpg

To make: pre-cook your beets by slow roasting in a covered pan with an inch of water in a hot (375 degree oven) for about 45 minutes to an hour (depends on size of beets) until they are fork tender. After cooling, peel off the skin, and create slices about the size of your tomatoes.

Start with sliced heirloom tomatoes, we love the kumato as it is just the right bite size.
Layer with a slice of golden beet, then buffalo mozzerella, then arugula.

Drizzle with your favorit eenfuso white balsamic vinegar (we used Hibiscus Lychee but others that would also work are Pear, Mango, Strawberry and Orange Guava) and serve.