Marinated Jumbo Prawns with Reduction Sauce

Hibiscus Lychee Marinated Shrimp-edited use this one.jpg

Using your marinade to make a reduction sauce will result in rich delicious flavors.

Mix equal amounts of EVOO, hibiscus lychee balsamic vinegar, and champagne vinegar. Add juice from one small lemonor lime, chili flakes, ginger, coriander, dried basil, and “salt and pepper to taste” and whisk to form a marinade.

Soak cleaned jumbo shrimp in the marinade in the rerfrigerator for at least one hour.

Drain shrmp from marinade. Warm EVOO in a large heavy sauté pan, add the shrimp and cook until just pink.

Set shrimp aside and add the marinade to the pan. Bring to a low boil, add a dash of heavy cream and cook until thickened.

Place cooked shrimp on a bed of brown rice or quinoa, drizzle with sauce and top with fresh chopped cilantro.