General Information regarding wholesale and bulk


enfuso provides a full retail support package to include:

  • wholesale pricing on bottles

  • bulk pricing on 2.5 gallon jugs

  • sales tools in the form of suggested recipes for our flavored products

  • product education and sales training to staff

  • store support, i.e. regular stock checking, suggestions for what to carry to meet customer needs and support for local store events


enfuso has solutions for independent bottlers to include:

  • ability to produce in large bulk volumes including at the drum and tote level

  • ability to contract for pallet level shipping at corporate pricing

  • a variety of product lines (essential, classic and premium) to meet a variety of price points

  • willingness to work in concert to help you fulfill specific customer requests and needs


enfuso has a wide range of flavors available in  2.5 gallon jugs.

Our enfuso branded premium line of products enable chefs to step up the quality of their recipes and provide differentiated dishes on their menus.

Our bulk California olive oil quality and pricing will meet your restaurant needs and enable you to improve the quality of olive oil you provide for your discerning customers.


enfuso has solutions for customers who prefer to use their own label to include:

  • ability to provide shiners (non-labeled bottled product)

  • ability to provide bulk, (i.e.. 2.5 gallon jugs, drums or even totes), for bottlers

  • ability to help printing or producing a private label using our in-house graphic and high quality roll printing capabilities


  • enfuso offers several volume discount levels on a per invoice basis.

  • enfuso is open to negotiated purchase agreements for lower prices if customers can commit to a minimum purchase volume over a specified time period

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