For years we have been doing food demonstrations that show how to make delicious and healthy dishes using enfuso products. Our fans would say, "Love the products, but we are so busy! Can we please buy the dishes?" So we have finally found a way to serve this need for our local fans with our side dish club!

Our goal ... to provide you sides you have always been looking for!

  • Fresh fresh fresh! Our farmers pick on Saturday, we pick up on Sunday, and they are in your dishes by Monday. We seek out fresh herbs, greens, veggies, tomatoes, etc., all vine ripened and bursting with color and flavor.
  • We would not rush these through a food processor where they get bruised and unevenly ground up. Only hand chopping will do.
  • We will combine ingredients in fun ways and try to change things up regularly to keep your palate interested and your meals exciting.
  • We use ingredients that your body craves like whole and ancient grains, tree nuts and legumes for protein. Many of our sides would make a satisfying lunch on their own. 
  • We limit salt and watch the calories while adding lots of healthy ingredients.
  • And of course, the dressing makes a difference. We use creative combinations of enfuso products for the “piece de resistance” only enfuso can create..