Customized Wedding Favors

Gourmet oils and vinegars are the perfect luxury gift to show your guests how much you care. Whether you offer them a single bottle or a matched set, this gift will stand out beyond all others. It will look beautiful on your table, your guests will take them home and each time they use them, the memory of your wedding day will come to mind. 

We package our favors in adorable 60 ml clear glass bottles adorned with a label to memorialize your wedding (see photo to the left)

We have a range of pricing/label options to help fit to your budget and still allow you to pamper our guests. Our  basic pricing is:

  • Single bottle / Single Label: $3.60 each                          Pair (2 flavors/2 lables): $6.90 each
  • 5% discount at 200 single bottles or 150 pairs              Minimum order is 100 single bottles or 50 pairs

We offer the following flavors so you can find the perfect choice to fit your wedding style:

  • Olive Oil: Extra Virgin, Garlic, Lemon, Tuscan Herb
  • Dark Balsamic Vinegar: Traditional, Fig
  • White Balsamic Vinegar: Traditional, Pear, Mango

LABELS:  By selecting one of our standard labels, you will save the cost of label customization yet still have a classic yet modern favor to adorn your table. Samples of our standard labels are shown to the left.

The Hers and His works well when you would like to offer a different style flavor for your guests, and those that comes as couples will enjoy a pairing between the two of them. Those that come as singles will still enjoy a wonderful choice.



If you would like us to help you create a custom label, we are happy to do so.

  • We can modify our standard modern label by font, color and text; see the first three examples shown below.
  • We can modify a photo label with your selected image, background, color, font and text; see the next three examples shown below