Basil & Espresso Ice Cream Delight

We have drizzled espresso on our ice cream many times, but a foodie trend about pairing herbs with coffee convinced me to try an herb combination for a different twist, especially since there seems to be no limit to what you can pair with ice cream.

We decided to try a favorite herb - basil.

We have also drizzled olive oil on ice cream before with happy results, so we added the herb to our ice cream by using an olive oil & balsamic whipped emulsion, heavy on the balsamic (espresso) and light on the olive oil (basil). We whisked together about 2/3 espresso balsamic with about 1/3 basil olive oil until combined and creamy.

Drizzle the emulsion on the real vanilla icecream and top with fresh diced basil for look and flavor.

This made a unique and refreshing desert that might be even better with fresh strawberries!

ice cream with balsamic and herb.jpg