Satisfying Breakfast Salad

Lean ground meat gives you protein to start the day.

breakfast salad.jpg

Adding lean meat to a salad will give it the body you crave for a filling breakfast. We used spiced lean ground organic turkey.

You can do the next step before hand (like the week-end or night before): 

  • Saute lean organic ground turkey meat in olive oil with taco seasoning until well cooked. Then drain and set aside.
  • Steam or roast golden beets. Then cool, peel and set aside.

Build your breakfast plate like this:

  • Start with a layer of spicy arugula and radicchio greens
  • Place a generous portion of ground turkey in the center
  • Layer avocado, orange and golden beet pieces around the outside
  • Massage and finally chop a few kale leaves and scatter on top

Blend 1/3 cup vanilla Greek style yogurt and 1/3 cup enFuso Orange Guava Balsamic Vinegar for your sweet/creamy dressing to drizzle on top. (For less sweet using plain yogurt.)

Finish with a grind of fresh ground pepper, toss and eat! 

This meal is so satisfying, you will want to save it for a morning when you have a few minutes to savor all of the flavors.