Pre-biotic Salad

Chock full of gut feeding goodies!

dandilion greens salad.jpg

Bitter greens are on the top of the list for great pre-biotics. We used dandelion greens which can be found in abundance at most farmers markets. We also used radicchio which is a cultivated variety of chicory leaf, a good source of pre-biotic fiber. Finally, basil oil is one of the herbs noted for potential gut-feeding benefits.

The problem with bitter greens is ... they are BITTER. So adding rich nuts, dried fruits and tossing in a warm raspberry basil dressing to slightly wilt the leaves will take care of that.

1. Wash and pat dry fresh dandelion greens and torn radicchio leaves and place in a salad bowl.
2.  Cook raw sunflower seeds, raw pine nuts, and dried cranberries in a bit of extra virgin olive oil until nuts are toasty brown and toss in with the greens.
3. Whisk equal parts enfuso basil olive oil & enfuso raspberry pear balsamic vinegar until creamy. Warm in the micro-wave.
4. Toss greens, nuts and fruit in the warm dressing.
5. Serve warm with a very light dusting of shredded Parmesan or Romano cheese.

This surprisingly perfect blend of bitter and sweet with satisfy your pallet and your healthy gut!