Dilly Shroomy Eggs

Use eggs as your mainstay protein for any meal.

dilly shroomy eggs.jpg

Why limit omelettes to breakfast, with rich hearty mushrooms, they will certainly fill your palate and tummy for any meal.

1. Slow cook mushrooms. We used cremini and shitake. The shitake are more chewy but add richness of flavor. The cremini will spill out lots of juice and help create sauce. Cook in EVOO over low heat until fork tender, brown and crispy. Use water to deglaze the pan as needed. When cooked, finish with a generous dousing of dill olive oil and a drizzle of traditional white balsamic and cook until coated.
2. A bit of cheese. Crumble some chevre goat cheese on the mushrooms while still warm in the pan. The cheese will get nice and soft.
3. Make a dill sauce. Combine Greek yoghurt, lemon juice, a bit of salt and dry dill.
4. Make your omelette. We recommend the freshest cage free eggs you can get. 
5. Assemble. Fill omelette with the mushrooms, top with sauce and dust with chopped parsley for color.

Rich umami flavors will satisfy your cravings.