Spicy Mango Fish Tacos

This is a twist on a traditional street taco. We love any recipe that includes our Mango Balsamic Vinegar on fish, chicken or pork! For this dish, you will need:

We start with tilapia filets. Ours were frozen and we just defrosted them in some hot water. Then we pan fried them in enFuso extra virgin olive oil (Manzanilla) and dusted them with Cajun seasoning as we fried them.

Next, we took some fresh spinach and Swiss chard leaves and quickly wilted them in heated olive oil with some diced sun dried tomatoes.

Finally we plated the fish on some toasted white corn tortillas, placed the wilted greens on the side, sprinkled them with some grated Mexican style grated cheese (jack and mild cheddar) and then drizzled the Mango balsamic vinegar over the top.

Simple, and crazy good. It’s the combination of the spicy season and sweet fruity balsamic that give this the perfect flavor combination.