Savory Spice Shop, March - July 2015

enFuso is proud to partner with Savory Spice Shop in Corona Del Mar, a spice retailer that offers a large variety of quality blends and spices. Their inventory of 500+ spices are ground fresh in weekly batches and they also offer extracts, sauces, spice ware, and specialty items including our California olive oil and Italian balsamic vinegar reductions.

We connected with store owner Laura Shute to see why she loves being part of the spice and gourmet food industry and her partnership with enFuso.

What do you love most about the enFuso product?

We love the flavors! They are bold and fruity and you are able to do so much with them. Anne does such a good job with the recipes – from salads to ice cream to pot roast, so you can create anything with the products.

What do you like most about the company?

I love how hands-on and forward thinking Anne and Jon are. They focus on quality and making sure the flavors come first. They are uncompromising with every last detail! Plus, they are lovely people.

What do your customers say?

We have testers for all the flavors on our counter at the store, including the granola, and people absolutely love them. Especially when we start mixing and matching, such as the Basil Olive Oil and the Strawberry Balsamic, or the Mango, or the Pear. And they keep coming back! We have customers up in Northern California that we ship multiple packages of balsamic to all the time because they can't get enough of the product.

Do you have a favorite product?

This is hard to answer... I love so many! Right now, I have been using a lot of the Chili Cilantro – from salads to secret ingredients in recipes to white fish. I've also always been a huge fan of the Raspberry Pear Balsamic. It's perfect when I'm making a spinach salad on the go.

Do you have any favorite recipes?

One of my favorites is to take the Espresso Balsamic, mix it with maple syrup, and drizzle it on top of vanilla ice cream. One of our customers started doing that and they said they also add chocolate covered bacon on top. Another fun recipe hack is adding Mango Balsamic to a margarita for a little extra sweetened flavor. I'm also a big fan of adding the Chili Cilantro to my macaroni and cheese.

Any Fun Stories You can Remember Involving enFuso?

I remember a few years ago my partner, Randy, and I were looking for local products to start carrying in our store to complement our spices. We went to the Orange Farmers' Market and that's where we met Jon at the enFuso table. We sampled all of the flavors in a span of ten minutes, including combinations Jon created, and from there a marriage was born. We love carrying enFuso products and we adore Anne and Jon.