If you are already a corporate customer with a personalized home page for ordering, click HERE to transfer to our corporate pages.

Whether you are a corporation or an individual, a personal touch in gift giving can make your generosity stand out. Contact us at support@enfuso.com to learn more!

Any of our standard enfuso gift packaging can be re-imagined to match your style. With changes such as different fills, ribbons, and hang tags, you can make it all your own. Click HERE to check out our enfuso gift packages.

Because we at enFuso do everything in house, we have the capability to create the perfect gift to meet your needs. We can do all of the following:

  • Print and apply custom labels

  • Help you design a custom label

  • Help you design unique packaging from gift bags to baskets

  • Allow you to choose from all of our olive oil, balsamic and pantry products to build the perfect gift

Below you can see a gift we built with two 100 ml bottles and a granola "go-pack" packaged in a white organza bag with holly.

assembled product images.jpg