As native Californians, we are extremely proud to create a product that was harvested here in our beautiful state. In recent years, California olive oil has distinguished itself as an authentic, premium-quality, extra virgin olive oil producer. In September 2014, the California Department of Food and Agriculture approved stronger standards proposed by the Olive Oil Commission of California to ensure the quality and purity of olive oil produced in California. Advocates of these regulations wanted to differentiate California olive oils from imported olive oils  due to the highly documented amount of fraud that occurs with imported products. For example, 69% of imported product  labeled as "extra virgin" failed to meet international and U.S. Department of Agriculture standards, according to a University of California, Davis Olive Center study from 2010. By sourcing only 100% California olive oil we can pass confidence in our product on to our consumers

enFuso's extra virgin olive oil is purchased from many fields whose stewardship is ensured by farmers that we have built a personal relationship with. For many years we have been purchasing most of our olive oil from a renown agricultural area called the Capay Valley.  This valley is located in Yolo County just east of Calistoga and north of Davis. It is home to the beautiful Cache Creek which carries pure water flowing from the mountains at the north end of the valley. It contains many multi-generational farming families as well as a band of Indians all dedicated to sustainable practices in order to preserve and protect their most valuable resource, the land.  We are proud to partner with this hard-working community that is dedicated to sustainable production.

California's beautiful farm country. Photo courtesy of Jenny and Pearl.

California's beautiful farm country. Photo courtesy of Jenny and Pearl.

We are also proud to work with millers that maintain the highest level of technology and methodology for processing olives. The age-old term of "pressing" olives comes from ancient traditions of using stone presses rotated by dray animals. These ancient processes are still occurring on small fields in old-time villages. But they do not always produce the most pure and highest quality oil. The most advanced methods applied in mills today use machinery that minimizes olive damage, eliminates heat, and pulls the purest oil from the first press. 

We are careful to ensure purity and integrity of any oil we acquire for the entire supply chain. We work with farmers and field managers to ensure that the trees we are interested in are well cared for, especially critical during California drought years. We work with millers to ensure that the olives are processed within hours of picking and the resulting oil is optimally stored to ensure longevity. On arrival to our facility, our olive oil is kept in a temperature controlled food safe storage area and topped with argon to reduce interaction with oxygen to maximize its pure and youthful flavor.

In summary, by sticking to olive oil made from the highest quality California olives, working with farmers to source olives from the best fields, using milling processes that ensure the best results, and managing the supply chains from the trees in the field, to the miller, to the millers warehouse and finally to our warehouse, we want you to feel confident in the purity and health benefits of any olive oil products you procure from enFuso.