Here is a list of our current available side dishes. We add new dishes as the seasons change.

Note regarding calories: The serving size of 115 grams is approximately 4 ounces (1/4 lb) in weight and about 3/4 cup in volume. This is the estimated serving size for a side dish next to a main dish. For a full meal the serving size would be double. 

Spinach and Brown Rice edited.jpg

Brown Rice with Fresh Spinach and Basil

Gluten free brown rice tossed with fresh organic spinach and basil, chopped heirloom tomatoes, sunflower seeds and feta cheese. During summer season we add fresh strawberries and in Fall Winter we add more herbs and greens.

Dressing: enfuso strawberry balsamic vinegar and basil olive oil

Calories per serving: 170

Price/lb: $9.00

Thai noodles and roasted veggies edited.jpg

Pad Thai Noodle Curry with Roasted Veggies

Brown rice pad thai noodles cooked al dente are tossed with roasted veggies (cauliflower, carrots, and mushrooms) along with fresh cilantro and chopped raw cashews.

Dressing: enfuso pear OR orange guava white balsamic vinegar and vindalo curry dipping oil

Calories per serving: 170

Price/lb: $11.00

black beans and roasted corn.JPG

Black Beans with Roasted Sweet White Corn

Protein and amino acid packed low salt black beans and garbanzo beans are tossed with our roasted corn taken from fresh sweet white cobs. We add diced red onion, fresh cilanto and cotija cheese. Then we top it with creamy ripe avocado.

Dressing: enfuso mango white balsamic vinegar and enfuso chili cilantro olive oil

Calories per serving: 150

Price/lb: $10.00

Wheat berries and roasted beets.JPG

Wheat berries with Roasted Beets & Greens

Wheat Berries are the whole, complete wheat grain before it has undergone any processing. They are steamed in light organic chicken broth to produce a satisfying nutty whole grain. The berries are tossed with roasted red & golden beets and greens, finely chopped raw pecans and gorganzola.

Dressing: enfuso dark pomegranate balsamic vinegar, EVOO and dill olive oil.

Calories per serving: 220

Price/lb: $11.00

Spicy Smoky Tuna-edited.jpg

Spicy Smoky Albacore

Premier all white albacore packed inlow salt water is the basis for this protein packed dish. We add crunchy veggies for crispness and raw seeds for an even more protein. Then we kick it up with our best smoky and spicy enfuso olive oils. It's just enough heat to make it interesting!

Dressing: enfuso smoked olive oil, jalapeno olive oil, enfuso traditional white balsamic vinegar and Greek style yogurt.

Calories per serving:220

Price/lb: $11.50

Kale Quinoa-1edited.jpg

Kale Quinoa with Walnuts, Feta & Cranberries

Curly kale massaged and finely chopped along with gluten-free protein packed quinoa form the basis for the high fiber side. Rich flavors from walnuts, feta and cranberries round out the greens for a satisfying result.

Dressing: enfuso fig balsamic vinegar, enfuso lemon olive oil

Calories per serving: 230

Price/lb: $10.00


Tabouleh enfuso Style!

The fresh flavor of Italian parsley and mint make this classic eastern dressing unique. We added our twist with some garbanzos for protein, and rich cheese and balsamic for extra flavor.

Dressing: enfuso plum balsamic vinegar and enfuso olive oil (lemon and garlic)

Calories per serving: 180

Price/lb: $9.50

Miracle Noodle Asian-2edited.jpg

Miracle Noodles Asian Style

We have long loved miracle noodles, a way to add filler and mouth feel to a side dish but zero calories or carbs! All of the flavor and nutrition comes from the veggies, nuts and dressing.

Dressing: enfuso traditional white balsamic vinegar, enfuso Persian lime olive oil

Calories per serving: 130

Price/lb: $11.50

Pearl Barley BB Pilaf-edited.jpg

Pearl Barley Blueberry Pilaf with Mint & Feta

It's time for summer blueberries! We love the fresh fruity flavor they add to this satisfying but light summer pilaf made with barley, one of the oldest consumed grains in the world. It's high fiber content, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants make barley one of the best whole grain choices. Get your fiber and antioxidents the easy way.

Dressing: enfuso blueberry balsamic vinegar, enfuso lemon olive oil, cold pressed ginger juice

Calories per serving: 210

Price/lb: $10.50

Dilly Potato Salad edited.jpg

Dilly Roasted Potato Side

This is potato salad on the side ... the enfuso way. We roast (not boil) our potatoes, add cucumber for crunch, hard boiled cage-free eggs for protein, and add savory fresh dill for a taste of the garden. It's delicious cold or heated toasty warm with chevre goat cheese melted on top. We include a side of the cheese so have it your way.

Dressing: enfuso traditional white balsamic vinegar, enfuso lemon and dill olive oil

Calories per serving: 140

Price/lb: $9.00

cruciferous slaw - edited.jpg

Roasted Cruciferous Slaw

A relatively low carbohydrate option for those related diets. To make it lower in sugar ... just request olive oil only dressing! This salad is loaded with cruciferous veggies for tons of soluable fiber (the antidote for cholesterol) and anti-oxidents for an overall health boost. All of the ingredients are gluten free. We roast our veggies for extra flavor and to give your chompers a bit of a rest.

Dressing: enfuso white raspberry pear balsamic vinegar and lemon olive oil

Calories per Serving: 140

Price/lb: $10.00

Mediterranean Feast-edited.jpg

Feast of Mediterranean Flavors

Imagine sun-filled skies over deep blue crystal clear waters; rocky cliffs surrounding a golden beach and a harbor with seaside restaurants serving hearty bread, rich goat cheese, tart black olives and ouzo... yes you are in Greece! We think of this wonderful cuisine along with those from nearby cultures when we created this feast for the palate.

Dressing: enfuso traditional balsamic vinegar, enfuso tuscan herb olive oil

Calories per Serving: 190

Price/lb: $10.00

Caprese with Avocado.jpg

Caprese with Avocado

We take that wonderful favorite caprese salad and make it easier (by making it a chopped version) and better by adding creamy delicous ripe avocado and pine nuts.

Dressing: enfuso traditional balsamic vinegar and basil olive oil

Calories per serving: 190

Price/lb: $10.50

multi bean w avocado-edited.jpg

Multi-bean with avocado

Our multi-bean salad had to have roasted corn for summer. We use black, northern white, garbanzo, fava, and beans. A slightly tart dressing, spicy purple onion, fresh cilantro, ripe avocado and cotija cheese sends it slighly south of the border. Fresh, light and satisfying for a hot summer day.

Dressing: Jalapeño and garlic olive oil with mango balsamic and champagne vinegar.

Calories per serving: 140

Price/lb: $10.00

Wheat berries w fruit & greens.jpg

Wheat berries with fruit and greens

We start with slow cooked whole grain wheat berries that are nutty and protein-packed. For summer we use tree ripened organic pluots (plum/apricot) and plump blueberries (photo). In Fall/Winter we switch to crisp sweet organic apples, pomegranate seeds and figs if available. We finish it with cave aged white cheddar and chopped pecans.

Dressing: Summer uses peach balsamic to emphasize the stone fruit flavor. Winter uses Pomegranate or Fig Balsamic. Both are mellowed with a buttery arbequina extra virgin olive oil.

Calories per serving: 210

Price/lb: $10.00

Miracle Noodle Tex Mex - edited.jpg

Miracle Noodle Tex Mex Style

Miracle noodle is made from seaweed. It has no flavor but also no calories! So it picks up the flavor of whatever you add to it and adds texture for a satisfying low calorie dish. In this version we mix in flavors reminiscent of south of the border recipes.

Dressing: enfuso orange guava balsamic vinegar and chili cilantro olive oil

Calories per serving:130-150 (in process)

Price/lb: $11.50

Garlic Cauliflato - edited.jpg

Garlic Smashed Cauliflato

I love garlic smashed potatoes, but when you add cauliflower, is it a cauliflato? Why not sneak in veggies (cauliflower, roasted carrots, and baby peas) in your yummy potatoes? This is designed for heat and serve.

Dressing: smashed with enfuso garlic olive oil.

Price/lb: $10.00

Purple and Green Slaw-edited.jpg

Purple & Green Slaw

My two favorite colors together are purple and green. It's the color of my home and of a mountain meadow filled with lupine and other wildflowers. The combination of colors satisfies the artist and the connoisseur. Served recently at two social events with rave reviews.

Dressing: enfuso white balsamic vinegar, champagne vinegar, and olive oil mayonnaise.

Price/lb: $10.00